Sultan Tunc

German-born HipHop artist Sultan Tunç, who shuttles between Turkey and Germany, is known as one of the most innovative Turkish musicians and HipHop-producers in Turkey. His debut album "Saygı Değer Şarkılar", released in 2003, was praised by daily newspaper Hürriyet as the best HipHop-album that has ever been produced in Turkey.

As a Turk born and raised in Germany, Sultan Tunç has experienced the problems that come along with being rooted in two different cultures, but he knows how to tell these stories with a sage sense of humor as well as with fury, outrage and despair, and sometimes with a pointing finger. Musically, he is also successful in reflecting this cultural diversity: oriental scales layered over electronic beats, topped with a mixture of Funk and Jazz, Reggae and Ragga – that´s what makes an original, acoustic combination!

Tunç drew his lyrical inspiration from American HipHop group Public Enemy as well as from the philosophical doctrines of Sufism which sharply sets him apart from stereotypes of Gangster Rap. For him, HipHop music is not just a form of musical expression, but it´s also a mouthpiece for political statements. His music video " Pardon afedersiniz Mr Genelkurmay " ( " Excuse me Mr. General " ) of the 2008 album " Orientale Rap n Roll " was not broadcast on Turkish television but – with help from the band Bandista – over time became a national anti-militarist-anthem.

Sultan Tunç has worked with greats like Selda Bagcan („the Turkish Joan Baez". The Guardian), Özay Fecht ( “40 Square Meters of Germany” ), Eastenders, Bandista, Selim Sesler and many others. Within the last ten years he has released three solo albums, has been featured as a guest artist in many other songs, received awards for several of his music videos, more than 30 of his songs have been licensed for international compilations, and many of his songs have been used for movies, TV documentaries, theater plays and musicals. Tunç has toured extensively with his band around Europe, having played at almost all famous venues and music festivals. Within the next few days Tunç will release his third album entitled " OTOBIOGRAFITTI ".


  • feat. Selda Bagcan - Bir Yol Hikayesi

  • Saygi Deger Sarkilar - Kaybedelerin Turkusu

  • Saygi Deger Sarkilar - Hala

  • Saygi Deger Sarkilar - Deliloy

  • Saygi Deger Sarkilar - HaBabam

  • Oriental Rap n Roll - paparazziler

  • Oriental Rap n Roll - mr genelkurmay

  • Oriental Rap n Roll - deniz gezmis oynicam

  • Oriental Rap n Roll - ali ali

  • Greetingz From İstanbul - feat Özay Fecht greetingzfromist (RMX)

  • DJ Kambo Syber Türkü - feat DJ Kambo afedersin

  • Cashma Hoody Susma - Susma


Victimz of Choice - Hip Hop Rendezvouz / VOC Recordz / 1997
Sultan Tunc - Saygi Deger Sarkilar, Arma Music / 2003
Sultan Tunc - Oriental Rap n`Roll, Ada Music / 2008
Sultan Tunc - Greetings From İstanbul- Single
Sultan Tunc - Otobiografitti - Single / 2017 (out March)
Sultan Tunc - Otobiografitti - Album / 2017 (out March)

"Gece Tarifesi" - for the Dansk State Theatre / 2011
"Greetingz from Istanbul" - documentary ZDF/WDR 2010
"Kap-Kac" - for the new film of Birol Ünel & Lea Mornar / 2010 (in production)
"Greetingz from Istanbul - "Aci Ask" - cinema Film / 2010
"Gece Tarifesi" - TATORT, "Schatten der Angst" ARD 2008
"Taxici" - Soundtrack for the independent Film "Nachtschicht", 2005 / Director: Ali Pekel
"Taxici" - "Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten" - RTL 2004/2005
"Kervan Gider - Soundtrack for the Documentary Film, Neco Celik - "NaunynRitze", 2004

Diverse - Boulevard Bou / Turkish Rap Mix 1998 (Istanbul)
Diverse - Yeralti Operasyonu, Universal 1999 (Istanbul Geceleri)
Diverse - East2West Doublemoon 2003
Diverse - Global Hip Hop, Sony 2004 (Beitrag Deliloy)
Diverse - Oriental Garden, Clubstar 2005 (Taxici)
Diverse - Best of Turkish Hip Hop, Oriental Media 2006 (Hala)
Diverse - East2West, Doublemoon 2006 (Bir Yol Hikayesi)
Diverse - Made in Turkey 3, Lola`s Musik 2007 (Bir Yol Hikayesi)
Diverse - Bar Istanbul, Nascente 2007 (Bir Yol Hikayesi)
Diverse - Import export a la turca , Trikont 2007 (Hala)
Diverse - Beginner..s Guide to Bellydance, Demon Music 2008 (Paparazziler)
Diverse - Beyond Istanbul, Trikont 2009 (Deniz Gezmiş Oynicam)
Diverse - Hip Hop World, Lolas Music, 2010 (Taxici)
Diverse - I Love Istanbul, Lolas Musik, 2010 (Greetingz from Istanbul)
Diverse - Taxici The Music From The Fashion Week / Cecchi Italy 2008
Diverse - Blue Bar Formentera: Connected / CKP 2009
Diverse - Cocoon Silk Pearls *2* / Cocoon Records 2008

Wermonster Katalyst Sessions Volume 2, Uncormfortable Beats, 2015
Enzo Ikah - Red, Black and White "Just be you" / Kadikoy Music / 2012
Emre Yücelen - Kelebek "Demiştim Demem" / ARPEJ YAPIM 2011
Bandista - Paşanin Başuc Şarkıları / Ooppzzz Music / 2010 (Genelkurmay)
Eastenders - Beyond the Path / Remix Album 2007 / poets club rec (Taxici)
Dj Kambo - Syber Türkü, 2007 / Yeni Dünya (Afedersin)
Eastenders - Along The Path, Poets Club Records, 2004 (Taxici)
Cashma Hoody - Come Unity, Cashma Hoody 2004 (Susma)
Dj Mahmut Mixtape - TR Rap, 2005 (Operasyon)

"iyi POLIS-kötü POLIS" - free download New Album Single 2011
"Baskin Var" - Support Song For Baskin Oran & Ufuk Uras for the Turkey Election, 2007
"Vur-Kac" - Anti Fascizm Song, 2007


Victimz of Choice - Hip Hop Rendezvouz
VOC Recordz

Sultan Tunc - Saygi Deger Sarkilar
Arma Music

Sultan Tunc - Oriental Rap n`Roll
Ada Music

Sultan Tunc - Greetings From İstanbul

Sultan Tunc - Otobiografitti / Single
2017 (out March)

Sultan Tunc - Otobiografitti / Album
2017 (out March)